A Celebration of the “David”

Programs in Italy

September 10, 2004

 -  September 13, 2004

A selection of the program highlights included:

• A private visit and dinner in the Bargello Museum.  This visit focused on Michelangelo’s works at the museum, as well as Donatello’s and Cellini’s approaches towards the same subject matter.

• A lecture on The Theme of the David in Renaissance Art.

• A private visit to the Medici Tombs and viewing of Michelangelo drawings in the underground vaults.

• A visit to the Museo del Opera del Duomo, where Michelangelo’s David was originally carved, led by historian Monsignor Timothy Verdon.

• A private visit to the Orsanmichele including a concert.

• A special visit to the quarries of Carrara, source of extraordinary white marble since Roman times. Michelangelo chose his marble from this site.

• Lunch at Villa Salviati hosted by Duke Forese and Duchess Grazia Salviati.

• Hands-on instruction from sculptor John Taylor on how to work with marble with the tools similar to those that Michelangelo used.

• A private visit to Casa Buonarroti to view Michelangelo drawings and for a special reading of Michelangelo’s poetry recently published by Dr. Jonathan Nelson.

• Dinner in Villa i Collazzi, hosted by Marchesa Bona Frescobaldi, Friends of Florence Board Member.

• A private visit to the Uffizi Gallery and Vasari Corridor.

• A visit to the restoration of the Niobe Room in the Uffizi, a project recently undertaken by Friends of Florence.

• Lunch hosted by Count Simone and Countess Natalie Rucellai in their villa. Simone Rucellai is a Friends of Florence Board Member.

• The premier viewing of the Friends of Florence DVD documenting the restoration of the David, followed by a private dinner in the Galleria dell’ Accademia in celebration of the completed David Project.