Leonardo da Vinci: On the Wings of Genius

Programs in Italy

September 26, 2007

 -  September 30, 2007

Fall 2007 Program in Florence, Milan, and Paris

While in Florence, highlights included:
• A lecture program historian, Prof. Gary Radke on The Mind of Leonardo, followed by a visit to the to the Natural History Museum of the Specola.

• Lunch in Artimino at the lovely Da Delfina restaurant with its unique view of La Ferdinanda, the Medici Villa of Artimino.

• A visit to Leonardo’s birthplace in Anchiano and the Museum of Leonardo in Vinci.

• A private viewing of the Museum of the Opera del Duomo, focusing on the works of Donatello and Ghiberti, followed by dinner in the Palace of Marchesa Rosaria and Marchese Ferdinando Frescobaldi, Board Members of Friends of Florence.

• A visit to the Sala del Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio, focusing on the project to find Leonardo’s lost Battle of Anghiari with Professor Rab Hatfield & Ing. Maurizio Seracini.

• A visit to the site of the Friends of Florence restoration project of the bronze sculptural group from the north door of the Baptistry, The Sermon of Saint John the Baptist by Francesco Rustici, designed with the collaboration of Leonardo da Vinci.

• Lunch at the Villa Canigiani, owned by Friends of Florence Board member, Claudio Caprotti on the hillsides of Florence.

• A private visit to the Bargello Museum to see works by Verrocchio, Leonardo’s teacher, and Giovanni Francesco Rustici.

• A private visit of the Uffizi Gallery to view Leonardo’s works, followed by cocktails and dinner in the Galleria degli Uffizi.

While in Milano and Lombardy, highlights included:
• A lunch at Locanda Vecchia Pavia “al Mulino.”

• A visit to the Certosa di Pavia.  The Charterhouse is a treasure of Renaissance architecture in Lombardy, built over a period of 200 years beginning in 1396.

• A private visit to Santa Maria delle Grazie to view Leonardo’s Last Supper.

• Cocktails and dinner at the private and historic Circolo dell’Unione .

• Visit to the Castello Sforzesco and other local landmarks related to our theme

• Visit to the Cavallo sculpture, which has been recently recreated according to the original plans by Leonardo.

While in Paris, highlights included:
• A special private visit to the Italian Embassy and dinner in the La Fayette Room of the Restaurant 1728.

• A visit to the Louvre, guided by two docents of the museum, focusing on the works of Leonardo and other Italian Masters.

• Lunch at Gallopin, a landmark Brasserie dating from 1876.

• A special dinner in the private Salon Louis XIII Four Seasons Hotel George V, prepared by two star chef Philippe Legendre.