Special Treasures of Tuscany VI – The World of Leonardo

Programs in Italy

February 15, 2013

 -  February 19, 2013

Our sixth winter program explored the world of Leonardo da Vinci.


Friday, February 15th

  • Welcome and lecture at the Hotel Lungarno with Dr. Bill Cook and Dr. Ross King, followed by a visit to a series of Annunciations and Last Supper cycles,  including those at S Apollonia, Fuligno, Santo Spirito, San Salvi, and Piazza della Calza as we followed these two trails in the city of Florence.  We also visited the restoration laboratory of Anna Monti to view the restoration of the Annunciation by Pietro del Donzello from the Church of Santo Spirito, followed by lunch at the Osteria Toscanella.
  •  Dinner at the historic Il Cibreo restaurant.

Saturday, February 16th

  • Visit to Volterra to visit the Cathedral and a Last Supper artwork from the 12th century, followed by a visit to the Pinacoteca (Painting Museum).
  • Lunch in the private Palazzo Cangini Westinghouse in Volterra, guests of the owners.  Afterwards, we traveled to Vinci to view the newly reorganized Leonardo Museum.
  • Cocktails and dinner at the Palazzo Frescobaldi, hosted by Marchesa Bona and Marchese Vittorio Frescobaldi. Bona is a Founding Trustee of Friends of Florence.

Sunday, February 17th

  • Traveled via high-speed train to Milano for visits to the Castello Sforzesco and to Santa Maria delle Grazie to view Leonardo’s Last Supper, as well as other sites and museums.
  • Luncheon was enjoyed in the private home of Piero Castellini, with a special viewing of the Orti di Leonardo, the gardens that Leonardo cultivated while living in Milano.
  • Returned to Florence and enjoyed dinner at the Trattoria Camillo.

Monday, February 18th

  • Our exploration of Leonardo’s world in Florence continued with a visit to the Last Supper by Ghirlandaio of Ognissanti, followed by a private visit to the Opificio delle Pietre Dure Restoration Laboratories to view Leonardo’s Adoration of the Magi and other masterpieces including the Tavola Doria, one of the few depictions of a portion of Leonardo’s Battle of Anghiari still in existence.
  • Lunch at Harry’s Bar.
  • Private visit to view a selection of Leonardo drawings at the Uffizi Drawing Department, followed by a private viewing of the Leonardo works and paintings related to our program in the Uffizi Gallery.
  • Private visit to the San Marco Museum to view the wonderful frescoes of Fra Angelico, including the finalized restoration of his Christ as a Pilgrim (Cristo Pellegrino) and Saint Peter Martyr frescoes, and Ghirlandaio’s Last Supper.  We will also visit the restoration project of Fra Angelico’s Crucifixion with Saints in the Sala del Capitolo.
  • Members of our Florence Chapter joined us for the program’s closing dinner, held in the Refectory of San Marco.