Ambrogio Lorenzetti Cross from the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena

Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena

October 2023

- October 2023


Crucifix by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena

We are delighted to report that when the past Covid-19 restrictions lifted, more of our projects were able to resume. One is the restoration of the large crucifix by Ambrogio Lorenzetti (c. 1290-1348) painted for the Convent of San Niccolò al Carmine in Siena.

In poor condition and concealed by a layer of overpainting, the cross was last restored in 1953-56 by the Istituto Centrale di Restauro in Rome. As was the practice at that time, color losses were left as is, leaving the wood and the raw linen bases exposed. The current plan includes checking the wooden support and making the whole painting and its details more legible. A series of scientific tests which, in addition to informing the process, make it possible to learn more about the artist’s technique—something we strive to achieve with all our projects. When the restoration is completed, it will be reinstalled in Room 7 of the Pinacoteca along with other works by the artist who is best known for his stunning Allegory of Good and Bad Government frescoes in the Palazzo Pubblico in the heart of Siena.

With the Generous Support of:

The Giorgi Foundation

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