'Bacchus with Satyr' Sculpture - Medici Collection of Antiquities, Uffizi Gallery

January, 2011

This sculpture is a Roman copy of a Greek original and dates to 117-138 AD. It has been in the Uffizi Gallery since 1585.


This project was funded by the Aspen Chapter of Friends of Florence, specifically the following participants in the April 2011 Aspen in Florence Seminar:

  • Carol and Kenneth Adelman
  • Jane and Marshall Crouch
  • Jessica and John Fullerton
  • Fern Hurst
  • Anneliese and Larry Ladin
  • William E. Mayer
  • Bonnie and Thomas McCloskey
  • Rebecca Doane and Andrew Modell
  • Janet and Thomas O'Connor
  • Margot Pritzker
  • Linda and Jay Sandrich
  • Carol Marks and Tom Wirtshafter
  • Alison and Boniface Zaino