Friends of Florence’s 10th Anniversary Project – The Tribune, Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery – The Tribune

January 2009

- January 2012


The Tribune is one of the first museum collections in the world and was established by the Medici when the Uffizi was constructed in the 1500s.  This octagonal room is a unique treasure of extraordinary ancient sculptures, portraits, and other artworks that were prized by the Medici. The ceiling and walls feature precious mother of pearl decorations, marbles, silks, and shells symbolizing the four elements.

Please click here to view a virtual tour of the Tribune, courtesy of Virtualiter.

Restoration of the Tribune began in 2009 and was completed in spring 2012. The unveiling of the restored Tribune occurred on June 25, 2012 during Friends of Florence’s Summer Program. In addition to a press conference, Board members, donors, Tribune restorers, and both Uffizi and city officials were among the hundreds present for the unveiling. See video highlights here.

Please click here to view a video about the restoration – in Italian – from our YouTube page.

Another video about the restoration, courtesy of and La Nazione, may be viewed here.

With the Generous Support of:

Lantern of the Winds
Nancy and Jeffrey Moreland

Cupola of Shells
Silver Donor
Suzanne and Wesley Dixon

Bronze Contributors
Wendy and Raymond Ackerman
Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins

Joan and Robert Clifford
Elissa and Edgar Cullman, Jr.
James Denny
Robert M. Edsel
Maxine, Eric, Perry, and Philip Greenspan
Cynthia and Terry Perucca
Rising Medical Solutions, Inc.

Pearl and Azurite Drum of Cupola

Arazzo/Tapestry no. 208
The Chicago Chapter of Friends of Florence

Arazzo/Tapestry no. 209
The Chicago Chapter of Friends of Florence

Arazzo/Tapestry no. 219
The Chicago Chapter of Friends of Florence

Medici Venus
The Ted Guarriello Jr. Family Foundation

The Wrestlers
Sandy and Michael Collins

The Dancing Faun
Silver Donors
Joy and Leonard Dreimann
M. Ann O’Brien

Bronze Contributors
Ethel and William Gofen
Lauren and Phillip R. Hughes – Greenville, South Carolina

The Knife Grinder
Silver Donors
Kathe and John Dyson
Cathy and Tony Mantuano

The Chicago Chapter of Friends of Florence

Silk hangings for the walls of the gallery
Julie and William C. Ballard, Jr.

Intarsio table
Denise O’Leary and Kent Thiry

Intarsio marble flooring of the gallery
The Chicago Chapter of Friends of Florence

Portrait of a Nobleman
Anne and Robert Krebs, in honor of Marchesa Rosaria Frescobaldi & Marchese Ferdinando Frescobaldi

Titian Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist
Nancy and Jeffrey Moreland

Silenus Old Bacchus
Lauren and Phillip R. Hughes – Greenville, South Carolina

Young Bacchus
Young Friends of Florence – Greenville, South Carolina

Sleeping Cupid
Sandra S. Collins and daughter Ashley

Additional support provided by:

Gold Patron
Friends of Florence

Silver Donors
The Chicago Chapter of Friends of Florence
Janet and James and Dicke, II

Bronze Contributors
The Aspen Chapter of Friends of Florence
Marchesi Frescobaldi and the Ornellaia Wine Estate
Constance Milstein, in honor of Contessa Simonetta Brandolini d’Adda
The Stone Family Fund
Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Metro New York Chapter

Mary Sauer and Robert Doris
Patricia Franklin and Alan Rivera
Sue Rushmore
Brenda and Robert G. White

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