‘Madonna, Child, and Saints’ Tabernacle – Corner of Via San Giovanni and Borgo San Frediano, Florence

Corner of Via San Giovanni and Borgo San Frediano, Florence

January 2012

- January 2013


This ‘public’ project is a tabernacle – one of many found throughout the city of Florence – located in Via San Giovanni, just off of Borgo San Frediano.

With the Generous Support of:

Funded by the following 2004-2012 alumni of the Florence Chapter of friends of Florence:
Patty, Bill, Bridget and Matthew Babcox
Laurel and Nick Barrack
Mary, Doug, Emma, and Charles Bayley
Ada Charvalia and Alypios Chatziioanou
Melissa, Peter, Siena, and Sage deLisser
Patty, Steve, Hannah, and Jack Fleischmann
Renée Kortum Gardner
Therese Ranzau Garner and Taelor Ranzau
Alison Gilligan, in honor of her mother, Mary Ann Gilligan
Alison Gilligan and David, Walker, and Penn Curtis
Iris Gowen and David Parker
Lauren and Phillip R.Hughes – Greenville, South Carolina
Mignon, Stuart, Victoria, Olivia, and Amelia Jones
Mary Louise Kelly and Nick Boyle
Carmen, Jeff, Leah, and Maya Kobacker
Laurel, Remy, and Evan Margerum
Mickie and Jeff Nagel
Bernard Parker
Madeleine Parker
Amanda, Jim, Lucy, and Lena Rice
Priscilla and John Richman, in honor of their daughter, Diana Richman
Sonya, Darren, Nick, Zack, and Natalie Schroeder
Meaghan and John Tozzi
Nita Tucker
Cathie and Tim Wallace
The Wilson-Dalzell Family
Valentina, Carlos, Ana Paula, and Clarisa Zalles

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