‘Medici Vase’ – Medici Collection of Antiquities, Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery

January 2016

- January 2017


The huge Neo-Attic krater known as the Medici Vase has been restored and is again on display in the Uffizi.

The restoration was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Friends of Florence Foundation.

The restoration of the Medici Vase is a project that brought us enormous satisfaction because the work we financed made it possible to study the piece and to discover new and precious facts about its history and the artistic techniques. The project was one of the candidates in the second – 2014 – edition of the of Friends of Florence Award competition at the Salone dell’Arte e del Restauro and we are happy to have found donors fascinated by its beauty and willing to finance the restoration in honor of David Curtis. Our friends Patty and Bill Babcox, Diana Richman, Jim Abellera and Sonya and Darren Schroeder who have already supported many of our projects, wanted to dedicate this one to the memory of their dear friend who passed away in Florence.

Restored in honor of David Curtis.

With the Generous Support of:

  • Patty and Bill Babcox
  • Diana Richman and Jim Abellera
  • Sonya and Darren Schroeder

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