Mino da Fiesole’s Tomb of Hugh, Margrave of Tuscany

Badia Fiorentina Church

In 1481, Mino da Fiesole completed this tomb for the oldest monastic foundation in Florence, the Benedictine Abbey known as the Badia.  This monumental marble wall tomb is one of Mino’s most famous works, revealing his skill as a sculptor of portraits, reliefs, and elaborate decorative moldings, and his gift as a designer of complex architectural structures.

The Tomb of Hugh, Margrave of Tuscany, carved by Mino da Fiesole in 1481, has been restored in the Badia Fiorentina. Restoration was completed by December 21, 2022, the day on which a solemn procession has been held since 1001 AD to mark the anniversary of the Margrave’s death.

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