Sala della Niobe – Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery – Sala della Niobe

January 2006


This monumental project involved more than 90 expert restorers and included the restoration of seventeen statues of the Niobe; the Roman biographical sarcophagus; and Rape of Persephone, the large painting by Grisoni that had been lost for more than 100 years. The restoration also returned the Niobe Room to its original design from 1780. A book has been published on the history of the Sala della Niobe and the entire restoration.

With the Generous Support of:

Statue I – Niobe Mother with Youngest Daughter
Elissa and Edgar Cullman, Jr.

Statue II – Oldest Daughter of Niobe
In honor of M. Ann O’Brien

Statue III – Oldest Son of Niobe
Brandon Fradd

Statue IV – Niobe Son Climbing a Rock Face
Brandon Fradd

Statue V– Son of Niobe, Once Thought to be Narcissus
Brandon Fradd

Statue VI – One Son of Niobe
California Community Foundation – The Stone Family

Statue VII – Son of Niobe Fallen to One Knee
Linda and Vincent Buonanno

Statue VIII – One of the Daughters of Niobe
Jill and Richard Almeida

Statue IX – One of the Sons of Niobe
Melanie Cabot
Orna Shulman

Statue X – Son of Niobe
Mary Mott and Gordon Simmering

Statue XI – Youngest Son of Niobe
Tony Mantuano

Statue XII – Last Dying Niobide Son
Jon Stryker

Statue XIII – Muse, Once Thought to be a Niobe Daughter
The Chicago Chapter of Friends of Florence

Statue XIV – Tutor of the Niobe Children
Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins

Statue XV – Selene, Goddess of the Moon, Once Thought to be a Niobe
The Friends of Heritage Preservation, Los Angeles

Statue XVI – Muse, Once Thought to be a Niobe
Nancy and Jeffrey Moreland

Statue XVII – Tormented Psyche
Cynthia and Terry Perucca

Roman Sarcophagus – The Virtues of the Roman Consul
Anne and Robert Krebs
M. Ann O’Brien

Grisoni’s The Rape of Proserpina
Rachel and Don Valentine

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