Three Works by Adriano Cecioni – Galleria d’Arte Moderna

Galleria d’Arte Moderna

The idea of restoring some of Adriano Cecioni’s most significant pieces sprang from the idea of rearranging the exhibition rooms in the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in 2016, the year celebrating the 180th anniversary of the birth of Cecioni, one of the most fascinating nineteenth century sculptors. The three selected works are related to three chapters important in Cecioni’s life: in Naples, in Paris, and in Florence. The bas-relief of the Visit to the Cemetery (155 x 113 x 31 cm) is plaster, while the two portrait busts are terracotta. The first, is A Young Woman; (h. 51 cm) the second, Portrait of Marchesa Vettori.

The restoration project will be flanked by a carefully targeted diagnostic campaign to determine the most appropriate methods. The project will also have the support of an art historian in order that the final result, in turn, become the starting point for further developments in the Galleria’s future.

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