Vasari Corridor Self Portrait Project – Uffizi Gallery

Approximately 1,500 self-portraits by international artists exist in this Uffizi collection, the oldest, most important, and comprehensive collection of its kind. Many contemporary artists continue to donate their self-portraits to the Gallery. Only 413 are currently on view, with the remainder in storage. The portraits not currently on display are accessible for study and are available to be photographed. The Vasari Corridor is closed to the public.

While a short paragraph on each portrait exists in the general Uffizi catalogue, there is no definitive book on the collection. There is at least one photo of each self-portrait, but these are mostly in black and white and not all are of high quality. A book about the Vasari Corridor was printed in 2003, but only in Italian, and it does not include the works in storage.

Friends of Florence proposes to publish a book and/or a website in English that would feature high-quality photographs and researcher descriptions of all of the portraits in the collection, as well as details about each artist. Additionally, a rotating selection of portraits would be available to tour the U.S. periodically.