San Miniato al Monte – Mosaic in the Apse

The Church of San Miniato al Monte overlooking Florence celebrated its 1000 anniversary in 2018 and continues to be a unique spiritual and cultural site for the city. Friends of Florence restored the High Altar in honor of the 1000 anniversary in 2018 with the support of major donors. In 2021, we completed the restoration […]

San Marco Museum Pala Bosco dei Frati

Bosco ai Frati Altarpiece by Fra Angelico and the refurbishment of the Pilgrims’ Hospice in the Museo di San Marco, Florence.. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the museum’s founding, the project includes the restoration of the majestic Bosco ai Frati Altarpiece by Fra Angelico (1395-1456) which had been transported to the conservation laboratory in May […]

Ambrogio Lorenzetti Cross from the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena

Crucifix by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena We are delighted to report that when the past Covid-19 restrictions lifted, more of our projects were able to resume. One is the restoration of the large crucifix by Ambrogio Lorenzetti (c. 1290-1348) painted for the Convent of San Niccolò al Carmine in Siena. In poor […]

Oratory of St. Sebastian, Basilica of Santissima Annunziata

THE ORATORY OF ST. SEBASTIAN is the ancient heart of the famed Basilica of Santissima Annunziata (the Holy Annunciation). Originally, it was a simple farmhouse surrounded by woods, two hundred yards outside the northern city walls. After a four-month siege in 1081 and daily barrages of arrows, the walls did not fall and, in memory of that […]