About Us

Since 1998, Friends of Florence has been the primary source of funding to the renowned Florentine restoration laboratories and skilled preservation professionals who work to ensure the survival of Florence’s art and architecture impacted by the ravages of time and pressures from modern development.

From earthquakes to political upheaval and pollution to ever-increasing tourism, across the centuries Florence’s treasures have been and continue to be subjected to and affected by constant stress and damage.

Perhaps the most infamous event, broadcast around the world, was the flood of November 1966, when intense rains caused the Arno River to overflow its banks, damaging or destroying the city's libraries, museums, churches and chapels, masterpieces of art, precious books, and manuscripts. Great works such as Lorenzo Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise were impacted as well as Donatello’s Magdalene, Cimabue’s Santa Croce Crucifix, and hundreds more of the city's works of art and sculpture.

Friends of Florence is the only organization to commit its full resources - working closely with numerous local and national partners including the City of Florence, Italian Ministry of Art, and numerous international committees - to restoring and conserving this legendary city’s rich cultural heritage.