Friends of Florence Donors

*Please note that we are currently updating our donor lists.

Renaissance Circle: $500,000+

Janet and James Dicke II

Ellen and James Morton

Stacy Simon

The Giorgi Family Foundation

Medici Circle: $250,000 – $499,999

Jon C. Cherubini
Sandy and Michael Collins
Elissa and Edgar Cullman, Jr.
Kathe and John Dyson
James M. Collins Foundation
Jay Pritzker Foundation
Nancy and Jeffrey Moreland
Ann O’Brien
The Peter Cundhill Foundation
Thiry-O’Leary Foundation
Laura and John Winchester

Founding Patrons: $100,000 – $249,999

Alexander Bodini Charitable Foundation

Alta Advisors LTD

John Arrillaga

Julie and William Ballard

Susan Boswell

David Canepari

Kathleen and Robert Craine

Catharin Dalpino

Robert Doris and Mary Sauer

Leonhard Dreimann

Peter Fogliano and Hal Lester

Friends of Heritage Preservation Foundation

Ann and Thomas Fries

Ted Guarriello

Lauren and Phillip Hughes

Serafino Iacono

Anne and Robert Krebs

Krebs Family Charitable Trust

Lois Moseley Waters Charitable Trust

Karen and Dan Pritzker

Priscilla Richman

Robert Sager

Martha and David Slosburg

Terri and Roland Sturm

Kent Thiry and Denise O’Leary

Christine Toretti

Don Valentine

Valentine Foundation

Idanna Pucci and Terrence Ward

Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins

Colleen De Bonis and Neil Woodyer

Alison and Boniface Zaino

Patrons: $50,000 - $99,999

Laurel Barrack

Suzanne Deal Booth

Chief Executives Organization, Inc.

Matthew Clarke

Glynn Cohen

Michael Corliss

Wesley Dixon

Rae and William Dyer

Brandon Fradd

Jessica and John Fullerton

Patricia and Marshall Geller

Alison Gilligan and David Curtis

Celia and Kent McClelland

Frank Meyer

Moreland Family Fund of Dallas Foundation

Terry Perucca

Mark Pigott

Sally and Rudy Ruggles, Jr.

Sonya and Darren Schroeder

Stone Family Fund

The Houston Family Foundation

Loralee West

Benefactors: $10,000 – $49,999

Academic Travel Abroad, Inc.

Wendy and Raymond Ackerman

Susan and Stephen Adamson

Omar Al Askari

Ala and Ralph Isham Family Fund

John Allman

Richard Almeida

Almeida Family Foundation

Elina Anatole

Antinori California

Peter Aresty

Arroyo Family Foundation

Patty and William Babcox

Leonard Baker, Jr.

John Ball

Dana Ben-Ari and Nikola Duravcevic

William Bice

Booth Heritage Foundation Inc.

Maria Luisa and Adinolfo Brandolini d’Adda

Renee and William Brinkerhoff

Christy Brown

Barbara Bryant

Noreen and Kenneth Buckfire

Vincent Buonanno

Kathryn Burke

Philippa Calnan

Ray Capitanini

Claudio Caprotti

Bruce Carbonari

David Carrozzino

Jamie Constantine

William Cook

Jane and Marshall Crouch III

Rebecca Crown and Richard Robb

Donna Curry

Mary and Pete Dawkins

Robert DeLapp III

Samuel Dodson

Shirlene and Robert Edsel

Robert Elkins

Gerald Fitzgerald

Joseph Fleming

Robert Forbes

Ferdinando Frescobaldi

Ann and Paul Friedman

Renee and Stephen Gardner

James Gates

William Gofen

Richard Gray

Nancy and Jim Greenleaf

Maxine Greenspan

Guarriello Family Foundation

Randall Hatcher

George Heinrichs

Janet and Robert Helman

Marlene Hess

Ann Frasher Hudson

Betty Hulse

William Hunckler

IDI Travel

Intercontinental Travel Co.

Sophia McCrocklin and William Isaacson

Jerome Levy Foundation

John L. Weinberg Trust

Kayne Foundation

Giuliana and John Koch

William Konze

Julie and Michael Koss

Kress Foundation

Jon Landau

Leon Levy Foundation

Amulfi Leonardo

John Livingston

Angela LoRe

Beverly Jo Maher

David Malcolm

Marist College

Robert Anslow and Marina Marrelli

George Masterson

Carroll and Jack Maxon

Peggy Culver and William Mayer

Nancy and Zubin Mehta

Constance Milstein

Mary Mochary

Gordan Simmering and Mary Mott

Tammy and Phil Murphy

Northern Trust

Thomas O’Connor

Francis O’Neill

James Pallotta

Diana Richman

Alan Rivera

Lindsay Rorick

Ross Family Charitable Trust

Judi and Arthur Rubin

Sager Family Foundation

Salton, Inc.

Donald Sarver

Thomas Schumacher

Orna Shulman

Stephanie and William Sick

Norma Slone

Christine Sorensen

Andrew Spokes

Ann Stevens

Thomas Strauss

Jon Stryker

The Arnold Bernstein Philanthropic Fund

Beau Toy

Ann and Marshall Turner

Vatican Patrons

Michael Vlock

Michael Volkovitsch

Dorothee Volpini de Maestri

Pam and Doug Walter

William Weiller

Candace Weir

Wiggins, LLC

Kate and Donald Wilson

Trixie and Randall Wilson

Sandra and John Woolley

World Presidents Organization

Young Friends of Florence

Young Presidents’ Organization, Inc.

YPO Metro New York Chapter

Nancy Zimmerman

Friends: $5,000 - $9,999

ACP Holdings, Inc.

Christopher Angell

Arrowhead Foundation, Inc.

Ralph Barford

Kimberly and Jason Beans

Elizabeth Beveridge-Perugi

Daniele Bodini

Jeffrey Chambers

Joan and Robert Clifford

Alison and Richard Crowell

Peter Darrow

Henry Davis

Beth Deatley

Neal Dempsey

James Denny

Hester Diamond

Maria Driano

Lindsey Duca

Dayle Duchossois-Fortino

EQT Foundation

Kevin Evanich

Marianne and Jack Ferraro

Kimberly Forepaugh

Angela Fowler

Frederic E. Steck Family Foundation

Marshall Front

Martha Gavin

Barbara Glauser

Timothy Grant

Helena and Jurgen Hoffmeister

Ragnar Horn

Richard Horwood

JP Morgan

Michelle and Steven Karol

William Kennedy

Kent State University

Diny and Jim Landen

Patricia Lovejoy

Kathryn Manofsky

Joseph Marino

Denise Monteleone and James Martin

Donato Massaro

Debra and Tom Mauro

Donald McInnes

Jamie Nicholls

Peter Norton

Susan and Edwin Nowlin

Karl Nygren

Maureen Orth

Marian and Michael Peters

Elisa Tozzi Piccini

Loretta and Simon Prosser

Verl Purdy

Ellen Randall

Colette Rau

Riccardo Rosenkranz

Donald Rubin

Christopher Rudmose

Rocky Ruggiero

Robert Sanborn

Judith and Mike Saxby

Linda Schejola

Brian Schnell

Michael Silverstein

Clay Small

Annette and Paul Smith


Debbie and Don Snell

Tom Stoner

David Swensen

Phyllis and Theodore Swindells

Syracuse University

The Charles Evans Foundation

Sonia and Paul Tudor Jones

Jody and Barry Turkus

Jose Vicini

Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation

David Volpi

Jeffrey Ward

Wattis Dumke Foundation

Laura Weinstock

Wilkinson Charitable Trust

William H. Donner Foundation