Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s Painted Crucifix Restored

Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s Carmine Crucifix returns to Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena after Restoration Coordinated by MiC’s Direzione Regionale Musei della Toscana with the Support of Friends of Florence

Siena, Italy… Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s painted Crucifix c. 1329 30) from the Convent of San Niccolò al Carmine meticulously restored thanks to the Friends of Florence and generous support from The Giorgi Family Foundation, was presented to the public in a dedicated gallery in Siena’s Pinacoteca where it will remain on display until January 8, 2024. Conducted by Muriel Vervat under the direction and scientific supervision of Stefano Casciu, Regional Director of the Musei della Toscana, the restoration of the 14th century Sienese masterwork by an artist considered to be one of the great masters of his age, took almost three years to complete.

When this temporary exhibition comes to an end, the Carmine Crucifix will return to Room 7 in the Pinacoteca, installed alongside other works by Lorenzetti (1290 1348), known chiefly for his fresco illustrating Good Government in the Palazzo Pubblico, Siena’s town hall.

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