On the Michelangelo Trail in Florence

Programs in Italy

July 11, 2003

 -  July 13, 2003

Program highlights include:

• Visits to  the Church of San Lorenzo, the Sacristy, and Medici Tombs, including a special private visit to underground vaults.

• A visit to the Medici Palace followed by a walk to Laurentian Library for a private viewing of unique manuscripts and to discuss Michelangelo’s architectural design there.

• A private visit to the Casa Buonarotti, including a special viewing of Michelangelo’s drawings and a private reception with Michelangelo historians and scholars.

• Dinner and wine tasting at the Castello di Nipozzano, hosted by Marchese Vittorio and Marchesa Bona Frescobaldi, Friends of Florence Board Members.  The Frescobaldi family has been producing fine wines from their various estates for more than 700 years.  This Castle is the symbol of the family’s continuity and long history of winemaking: built in the year 1000, it has been producing red wines since the 1400’s.

• A visit of Palazzo Vecchio’s Hidden Treasures, Chapel of Eleonora da Toledo and Studiolo, with special emphasis on the works of Allori, Bronzino, Ridolfo da Ghirlandaio, and other artists who worked with Michelangelo.

• A visit to the Church of SS. Annunziata and the Cloister of Lo Scalzo, and a viewing of the private collection of Martelli Palace, a possible future Friends of Florence Project

• Dinner at the Villa Canigiani, hosted by Dott. Claudio Caprotti, Friends of Florence Board Member.

• A private visit to the Accademia and the inauguration of the Tribune of the David project and unveiling of the plaques recognizing Friends of Florence and major donors for the restoration of the twenty two paintings in the Tribune of the Galleria

• A private visit to the Uffizi Gallery and Vasari Corridor, with a special reception on the Uffizi Gallery terrace.