Frescoes, North and West Walls – S. Antonino Cloister of San Marco

This project will restore lunettes and medallions on the north and west walls of the S. Antonino Cloister of San Marco.

The entire south and east sides of the Cloister were previously restored by Friends of Florence.

 North wall, Matteo Rosselli: The Death of Saint Antonino
North wall, Pier Dandini Saint Antonino and the avid farmer
North wall, Pier Dandini: Sainti Antonino giving the last rites to the plague victims
North wall, Poccetti: Saint Antonino giving the gift of fertility to the wife of Dante di Castiglione
North wall, Poccetti:  Saint Antonino presenting himself as ambassador to Pope Eugenio IV
West wall,  Lorenzo Cerrini: Saint Antonino absolving the Eight of  Balia from censure
West wall, Sigismondo Coccapani: Saint Antonino evicting two false beggars
West wall, Poccetti: Saint Antonino and the miracle of the liquified metal
West wall, Fabrizio Boschi: Saint Antonino overturns the card table